The Youth Heritage Program at Kingdom Life Centre (KLC), is the peoples group charged with the development of young people aged between 18 and 40 in the Community. This is in response to God’s command for us to go for the youth. It is a key pillar given the specific prophetic words given to the senior Elder concerning young people, and indeed 70% of KLC members are youth.The youth are currently composed of smaller groups which are the
  1. History Makers (High Schoolers),
  2. The Turning the page group (immediate high school graduates);
  3. The college and Campus;
  4. The post college which includes the young professionals.
  5. The Bush Culture which is an initiative aimed at securing the future generations is also part and parcel of the youth ministry at KLC.Some of our key initiatives include, High Schoolers upgrades during the school holidays, Bush culture camps (Bush edition, Park Edition, excans edition and the kazi kwa vijana), college and campus hangouts, bi- month youth interactions, chill plots and so on.
The current focus in achieving holistic development of the young people includes:
  1. Develop and maintain a strong and cohesive youth leadership core team.
  2. To bring all young people in the community to a personal relationship with Christ, infilling of the Holy Spirit, growth in their walk with God and accurate sight and participation in KLC and congress
  3. Establish, strengthen and maintain consistency of youth small groups
  4. To deliberately enhance relationship with the Senior Elder, leaders, older members of the community and all the young people
  5. To continuously identify and develop leaders on various aspects and dimensions among the youth.
  6. To nurture, encourage and develop the expression of various gifts and talents by the young people.
  7. To contribute to empowering college and campus students to perform an effective role in the professional teams within the community and congress.
  8. To facilitate effective transition of young people from one level to the next and finally to inculcate and encourage a culture of saving and finally to participate in various forms of missions and outreach to other young people beyond KLC and congress.