Developing ministers with Kingdom Lifestyle for Kingdom Advancement


“Developing a body of believers as ministers in the context of the unfolding truth,to fulfill God’s purpose in the earth.”



1.  The Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge the sovereignty of Jesus Christ over all that we do and we subject to his command through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We are therefore flexible and pliable in all our activities as we allow the Holy Spirit to direct every move we make.

2.    Individual Calling:

Every person is unique, “ a stone and not a brick” in the house of God. We celebrate the values that each person brings to the community and we make room for this expression. This, however demand and an accurate lifestyle: there must be seamless integration between the message and the messenger. Hypocrisy and Pharisee position are renounced and denounced in our midst as believers empowered to practice what they preach.

3.    Apostolic Reformation

We desire to remain on the cutting edge and step with changing landscape of the body of Christ worldwide. We subscribe to the present speaking of God and in particular the current reformation in the church which demands that we build in accordance to God’s design. Like Moses saw the pattern for the tabernacle and David for the temple, there is a divine design for everything we are building on earth. This pattern as revealed by God is the blue print we refer to in building our lives, marriages, families, business and Kingdom Community.

4.    Covenant Relationship:

In order to accomplish a particular purpose, God will divinely link people together that they may draw from each other and advance corporately. Like a turning fork response when another fork vibrates at the same frequency, we desire to be pure, accurate and mature beneficial relationships with people of similar convictions operating in partnership Unity and strength. We cross-pollinate with other Kingdom Communities, individuals and organizations for Kingdom of God.

 5.   Journey Mentality:

Kingdom life is a process. We do not settle until we attain perfection and we continually adjust our lives, systems and our structures as we apprehend more excellent dimensions. This leads us to embracing global mentality. In accordance to the Great Commission and Isaiah 2:2 we see ourselves as solutions to global problems. We have broken free from localized tribal mentalities and see ourselves as global citizens whose activities are tailored to impact the globe.

6.    A life of Sacrifice,

Convenience and Comfort are the enemies of progress. Service that will have impact must be accomplished by laying of one’s life down for the greater good (death to self).

7.    Setting a Standard for the people.

Like a city set on a hill, we are called to set a standard for the people in every area. We strive to continually develop, upgrade so as to remain relevant to society as individuals and as a community. We will do this also by declaring our faith and position in Christ.