The Equipment ministry aims at the effective and efficient recording and transmission of the truth.This is achieved through the production, packaging and dissemination of quality audio and visual materials in the Community and beyond.


The protocol team facilitates the work of ministers by providing hospitable services. It does this by ensuring that the work of the ministers flows seamlessly by giving them the personalized support, nourishment and refreshment.


The worship team at Kingdom life center is a harmonization of singers, musicians, sound crew and technicians.The team seeks to create an open heaven environment that allows intense personal interaction with God contributing to a holistic development of the community.This is through modeling a lifestyle of worship that advances the kingdom of God in our environment.


The Global Communications Technology is a ministry team that develops, deploys and manages a system of websites, webcasts, broadcasts, communications and publications for Kingdom Life Centre (KLC). It facilitates a seamless flow of both internal and external communication.


This the team specifically charged with various forms of outreach. It includes ministry to schools, hospitals and all the interactions aimed at reaching out with gospel of the Kingdom.