“To Develop a Congress (KLC) lady as a minister with a Kingdom Lifestyle who will bring a change to the Community”.



“To develop ladies as ministers in the context of the unfolding truth to fulfill God’s purpose in the earth”.



According to the prophetic word and the understanding of Congress operations, there is a demand on us to produce a certain kind of lady who can be referred to as A CONGRESS LADY.


The Lady will have the following characteristics:


C  – Calling

O  – Orderly

N – Noble

G – Graced

E – Entrepreneur

R – Relational

S – Spiritual

S – Selfless


CALLING: She knows her CALLING. You are here to discover your calling.


ORDERLY: The lady we are building must be orderly, precise, meticulous in all she does


NOBLE: She is a woman of Excellence and Hardworking ie. Dislikes idleness. When you are given work to do, you do it well.


GRACED: She is Multifaceted and has multitasking capabilities. Able to do many things at the same time with integrity, and sharpness. We don’t know how to do nothing. God has graced us and given us capacity.


RELATIONAL: She understands the importance of building Covenant Relationship beyond circumstances, ie. Individual, family, national etc.


ENTREPRENEUR: She is Virtuous and Sighted with authority. Operating without limitation but within government.


SELFLESS: She is big hearted, accommodative and gives herself in noble service for others, giving complements and not competition. We are big hearted.


SPIRITUAL: She is full of Spirit and wisdom, seeks the mind of God to build. This means we are spiritually natural and naturally spiritual.