Kingdom Life Centre (KLC) is a dynamic present day truth Apostolic Centre. It is one of the Kingdom Communities (churches) within the Kingdom Community Network (KCN). KCN is one of the sectors of Congress WBN whose core KC is Elijah Center.  KLC seeks to be a platform for Reformation, Kingdom Lifestyle and a community beyond compare within the city and beyond.


KLC was launched on the 9TH February 2003 out of a vision of the move of God which God gave Pastor Aggrey Ayiro, who is currently the Senior Elder of Kingdom Life Center.



KINGDOM: This refers to the message which Jesus preached , that is The gospel  and Principles of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness which we need to demonstrate  whenever we are.


LIFE:  We desire to cultivate and exhibit Christ likeness in our conduct, character and relationships. There must be an internally fuelled lifestyle that distinguishes a believer who is naturally spirituall and spiritually natural. This is what we are building.


CENTRE: Distancing ourselves from the concept of church as a place (church is supposed to be community of people).  We identify that we came together to a centre of teaching, training and equipping from where people will be developed as ministers and  sent to cause transformation globally. We expect reformation and transformation in the lives of all who identify with this ministry