Hebronites is the term used to refer to men in Congress WBN across the globe. It has inference to HEBRON the third son of Kohath, the son of Levi (Ex 6:18). Hebron was an uncle of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. His descendants were called Hebronites (Num 3:27). The Hebronites together with the other clans of Kohath were assigned special responsibilities in the sanctuary. The naming of men in Congress WBN as Hebronites released a Levites functionality, a standard and a different living code far above the norm.


Hebron was also a city associated with David representing the beginning and completion of a valid process of Kingship (2 Sam 2:2-4, 1Chron 12:38-40). Men came to Hebron to agree with God. Heaven has anointed David King long before Saul died but God needed human partnership to activate the expression of kingship. People had Saul but God had David. Men had to agree with God to activate the kingship.


The men who came to David were referred as mighty men and leaders of fighting men, had very special talents and did outstanding exploits. Of note is that they were of one mind and were determined to make David King. David’s kingship was not a man idea but God’s project and the principles of his ruler-ship and his unlimited access to God’s mind is an icon to us Hebronites.


In our context in Congress WBN Hebronites are sons gathered by God around the Apostolic Grace for the purpose of building and advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth in partnership with Him. They are men who are gathered to accomplish God’s purpose in the earth in collaboration with Him.


The Hebronites are committed to demonstrate accurate manhood at a time when manhood and headship in families as the design instituted by God Himself (1Cor 11:3i) is under threat of complete reversal through a sponsored and well orchestrate scheme by the adversary right from the days of Adam and Eve. It is intended to gradually diminish man to only retain the title of a husband but lose the functionality of being the portal that provides access to spiritual resources by the family. Ultimately man will have a marriage and a family he cannot present to God and nullify our capacity to finish.



This is one of the Teams of men within the Hebron Company in KLC and it is made up of young men between the ages 18 and 24. Their naming and philosophy is to exemplify sonship and follower-ship to facilitate transfer of grace and continuity in the ministry.



This is a team within the KLC Hebron Company. It is composed of men in the age brackets of between 24 and 40 years of age. The members of this team are mainly professionals operating in Babylonian setting. Consequently, therefore it draws its philosophy and context from the life of Daniel who operated in similar environment.



This is a group of men in our Community from the age of 40 and above and it is made up of 6 cells of about 5 men each.



Abraham our patriarch is the role model for these men. Unlike his father Terah who burnt out at Harran and lost the momentum and stamina to finish, Abraham pursued all the way to accomplish God’s purpose in his life and this is the posture of this Team.