UTAWALA Engagement Interaction


Utawala is a little town center and peri-urban settlement approximately 23.7kms south of The Nairobi Central Business District(CBD) It is an estate for the middle income earners who have bought land and developed their own home for residence and others opting to rent them out for tenancy. The place is populated with and hence the rise in the number of churches form the Pentecostal paradigm.

The Utawala Engagement Interaction was birthed out of the Ongata Rongai Engagement meeting. Two new Pastors from the Utawala region had attended the Ongata Rongai Engagement meeting and came to a decision that that level of Interaction was needed in an area known as Utawala.. The two Pastors with the help of one of the sons from the Kingdom Life Center Community then reached out in invitation to Pastors and various church leaders within the Utawala area.

The Atmosphere at the venue was one that kept on changing through the day. From about 8am, Pastors begun arriving and when you engage them with morning pleasantries, there are those who seemed to be very open hearted, a couple were reserved while one or two had a hint of skepticism. As the meeting went on, one could see the seriousness that came upon each of the leaders as they followed through from the Introduction done by Elder Francis Munyau into the Congress-WBN introduction video. By half way through the teaching on The Times and Crisis taught by Elder Harrison Ambetsa, each one of the leaders had been drawn in. Close attention became the order of the meeting and one could sense an atmosphere of anticipation and expectancy. There was also a sense of surprise; this was because the truth being released was so fresh and easily related to their roles as Leaders.

These Pastors and leaders were beneficiaries of two leaders who had an encounter with the Congress present day truth and had a burden for the their colleagues in the region of Utawala. At this Engagement Interaction, there were Pastors who attended.One from Satellite which is approximately 32kms from Utawala i.e. West of the Nairobi CBD.One from Githurai 44 which is approximately 24kms from Utawala i.e. North East of the Nairobi CBD. Both of these Pastors expressed their desire for the same kind of Engagement to be organized in the areas where they come from.
There was a Pastor whose origin is Mwanza, Tanzania. He does lead a community in Utawala but expressed his desire to have this same Reformation truth all the way in Mwanza, Tanzania.It was evident from the interaction response of different Pastors that the meeting was quite refreshing, eye opening and an answer to prayer. They had been attended different seminars, workshops and conferences that generally felt like a waste of time.

Development Coordinator(DC) Pastor Aggrey Ayiro navigated the Engagement Seminar into a place of great ease in the atmosphere by sharing a small portion of his journey. This brought about an evident response of awe and connection from the leaders. He introduced the video teaching by Dr. Noel Woodroffe on The Journey of The Church that clearly caused Pastors to come to a place of understanding the church and its journey. There was quite some resonance from the leaders out of this teaching. Finally the thought, idea and truth on developing leaders to partner with each of them at their local communities was a great eye opener into the functionalities of a church. A number of Pastors realized that their calling is largely to build and mature their members into genuine ministry. This truth brought about the reality of seeing that it is possible not to be a “One Man Show” but rather raise leaders who can take up responsibilities.

Finally, the Utawala Engagement Seminar had a total of 36 in attendance: Twenty(20) new Pastors and leaders, Two(2) previous Pastors and Fourteen(14) Congress members. Out of all these, Seventeen(17) Pastors expressed their desire to know more about Congress and potentially connect. This is a real Surge!

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