The KCN meeting in Homabay took place on the 9th of September 2017. Homabay is a small town on the shores of Lake Victoria on the western region of Kenya. The Development Coordinator of the Region is Aggrey Ayiro and he was joined by Sammy Gachengeci who coordinates the North Rift region. Together with them were teams from their respective Kingdom Communities. A total of 45 people being Pastors and their secondary leaders attended the meeting.

A greater breakthrough in the region was evidenced in the number of pastors who came for the first time, having been invited by those who have been on the journey for the last couple of months. It was notable that contrary to the past engagement interactions where a lot of invitations had to be done from Nairobi, this time there was greater ownership by the pastors who took initiative to invite others.

Right from the beginning of the meeting, there was a ringing emphasis on divine Sovereignty. As the leaders joined in worship, there was an evident call for all to fix their eyes on God and to arrive at a place of seeing beyond the curvature of time. Coordinator Aggrey Ayiro began the session by playing a clip of the Congress journey.

The vastness of the Congress was presented, dismantling the limiting perspective perpetuated by denominationalism and ethnic politics in the Country. Sammy Gachengeci took over and carried on by further opening the eyes of the leaders to the environment God was calling them into. There was a clear thrust towards oneness and unity as he shared how God had connected him with Homabay many years before.

He revealed how God sent him as a teacher to the town, therefore connecting him with many in the region. One could feel the hearts of the leaders warming up to him and embracing him as their brother, as he shared how his spiritual journey had been shaped by his experiences in the region. It was evident that God is the master planner given a similar experience by Aggrey Ayiro, where God had sent him to the same region many years before as a teacher in one of the schools.

This background was very useful in opening the hearts of the pastors to also realize that their individual journeys were like small streams contributing to the bigger flow which is the corporate journey of the Congress. Sammy went further to draw the leaders to the sight of the hand of God in the current crisis, particularly the hurricanes hitting the Caribbean and various states in the US. The appreciation of divine movement as the reason for all to arrive at this place provided a suitable environment for the leaders to further see the need to respond to the invitation into the Global Sanctuary that God is building.

A short session of feedback provided a peek into the streams of inner transactions that were taking place in the hearts of the leaders. Many spoke of the shift that had taken place in their perspective. One of the Pastors indicated that he had come to a conclusion that he needs to now be more of a giver than one who always wants to receive. Another confessed to a shift from a persistent focus on the devil to a greater searching of what God is building in order to stand in the time of evaluation by the gates of hell. Another had realized the limit and impurity of denominationalism and had come a new place in realizing the global nature of the Church that Christ is building.

One of the pastors confessed to have had quite a lot of challenge in ministry to the point of almost giving up but had now been energized through the sight of the God who had been with him through the all the processes.

The way forward was presented to the participants indicating to them the vast world of the Congress to which they had been brought. An invitation was made for those with the desire to join the Reformation School of Ministry to which a substantial number responded. Indeed the meeting brought more clearly the door that God has opened and was a precursor to the significant advance that is being experienced in this season of surge 2. Indeed divine sovereignty in our context of life and operation!

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