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45th Wedding Anniversary Ps Aggrey and Naomi Ayiro

Pastor Aggrey and Naomi Ayiro and part of the family

The service began on a celebratory note as Pastor and Mama Ayiro were commemorating forty five years in marriage. As they matched in victoriously, with the song ‘Let us go up at once’ playing in the background, it was evident that the journey had forged them and made them strong. That set a triumphant tone for the worship session.

Later, there were interviews carried out on Anne Ondieki, the Ayiro sons and their wives. The thing that stood out most from those interviews was that even now when they are all adults and have started their own families, they are living out the values that they learnt from their parents as children. Values such as importance of family, living a life of faith which is centered on Christ, consistency of character, taking initiative, cleanliness at home were highlighted.


The Ondieki’s, Ayiro Boys and Stacy & Charity

During her interview, Mama Ayiro shared her experience before marriage. She met Pastor Ayiro in a youth camp where Pastor Ayiro took her address and they began communicating. She sought God through prayer to find out who her future husband would be because there was also another young man who had shown interest in her. God spoke to her in a vision that Pastor Ayiro was the right man for her. He also filled her with immense love for him. His pursuit of God made her get attracted to him. They had minimal interactions before marriage except when they went out for missions. They got married in a youth camp on April 14th, 1974. The key lessons that she has learnt over her 45 years of marriage to Pastor Ayiro are doing everything as unto the Lord, living one life or maintaining a singular standard, investing in people and developing them, building relationships, preferring one another in marriage, loving God, putting God first, loving your husband, loving your family and relating with other people who can encourage you.

Mama Naomi Ayiro shared her journey

Pastor Ayiro mentioned that their marriage anniversary is a doorway to accurate relationships. Every year is a package of divine purposes to be fulfilled. Forty five years within the marriage institution is a period that God has allowed them to learn principles and values that can benefit others. He went ahead to speak about the various stages of marriage. He said that it is important to seek clear divine confirmation as we journey toward marriage relationship. After confirming the individual that God has for you, he encouraged the saints to plan a wedding that they can afford, not according to the pressure that they are receiving from friends and family. The focus should be on glorifying God rather than pleasing people. During the early years of marriage, the couple need to discuss and appreciate any differences in their up-bringing, exposure and education then learn to adjust their attitude, performance and expectations. The couple should maintain good communication with each other to avoid misunderstanding. He counselled parents to develop children in the ways of the Lord by making them friends. Finally, during the later years of marriage, spouses ought to open up their lives to each other, their concerns, joys, investments, debts etc. and attend closely to the needs of each other as closest of friends.

At the end of the day, there was a cake-cutting session for Pastor and Mama Ayiro. Their marriage is true evidence that marriage can last. KLC family shared a delicious meal together. It was indeed a beautiful day to crown the celebration.


Cake cutting to celebrate the Lord’s goodness

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