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Re-dedication Of Young People In KLC: A Timely Response To Current Divine Emphasis

The community gathering on Sunday the 22nd of July came with the major global emphasis on regeneration and a precise pattern from God on transitioning that ensures the full accomplishment of his will. This was best captured in the statement “flex for the future” in describing the state of awareness required in every season, for precision in the movement forward. It was therefore perfectly in order that during the same service, the Senior Elder felt the need to pray for the young people and rededicate them to God, in recognizing their significance for the future of the community. All the young people between 13 and 25 years of age were therefore invited forward and the Senior Elder with the elders and the parents joined in a powerful prayer to secure their lives and re-activate them for ownership and full participation in the purposes of God. It was a divine moment of the young people recommitting themselves to diligent pursuit and connecting with God in fully carrying their share of the Load. This was well articulated as they and the entire community thereafter joined in singing the song “run hard” as an expression of this new commitment to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. It was truly a redefining moment and it is now required of them to manage the impartation in order to be relevantly productive!

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