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Experience with ‘Sons’ honouring Pastor Ayiro

Mr Gitau representing the team in appreciating Ps. Aggrey and Naomi Ayiro for spiritual fatherhood


The (date) was not just any ordinary Sunday service. While the people gathered for the regular community interaction, there was an expectation of visitors who were to be present on the day. Their exact number was not known, but the eventual turn-up superseded any prior estimation.


This was a group of men and women who had had the experience of being led, guided, mentored and pastored by Pastor Ayiro in the past. A seed thought had been planted among them to plan a day when they would honour and appreciate him for his input and impact in their lives, something that they continue to carry to date.


After taking some time to plan and to gather themselves, they eventually arrived with their families to attend the service and express their hearts of gratitude to their spiritual father. In a very profound and moving morning where they all had a chance to say something.


Some of the lessons learnt included:

  1. Maturity
  2. Sonship
  3. The value of genuine relationship
  4. Prophetic sight
  5. Access to revelation
  6. Love for the body of Christ

A statement from one of them, in a sense summarised their message on the day, “We have gone to many places and seen many pastors, but we are yet to find another father.”

All of them began in Chrisco Fellowship when Pastor Ayiro was the Senior Pastor at Chrisco Central, but just like him, most of them have since moved to various churches around the city.


This made it all the more remarkable that different people could be united by this common heart. It was a challenge to the entire KLC community to keep placing great value on the grace that God has accorded to us.

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