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KLC 15th Anniversary

Senior Elder Aggrey Ayiro and Mama Naomi Ayiro cutting the cake 


Sunday the 11th of February 2018 was a day like no other for Kingdom Life Centre (KLC). It was a time of celebrating 15 years of the journey since the birthing of the community. The mood, flavour and tenor was perfectly expressed by the Senior Elder when he described the feeling in his heart as being exactly like what was there during the community’s first gathering on the 9th of February 2003.


The celebration was not so much about external activities and pomp. It was more about a definite internal shift in the lives of the saints. It was clearly a transition into a deeper realization of divine purpose, more authentic relationships and was in sync with the current movement in the Congress. It was therefore not a coincidence that this was happening at exactly the same time with the present transition towards Sanctuary.  From the onset of the meeting, there was a joyful spirit of thanksgiving and at the same time a sense of expectation of movement to a higher place in God. The flow and sequence built up with everything in the service pointing to an arrival at a new spiritual location.


The viewing of the documentary on the KLC journey highlighted God’s faithfulness in the care and nurture of the seed to the current place of abundant productivity.  It was relevant in carrying everyone along and providing an understanding and appreciation of placement, portraying each saint’s value and the lives and personal processes as a tributary of the big river that is the journey of KLC.


The sharing of secondary illumination on the documentary became a recounting of how the community core values have been practically expressed through the journey. The senior elder brought the message home as he reviewed the core values and called upon the saints to consider them again as well as the vision and mission which give the identity and definition of KLC.

A brief review of the 2003 prophetic word further brought a deeper definition of the community.

Various members of the community made presentations building upon the emphasized arrival to a new place in God.

All these led up to the time for the Holy Communion which was a re-commitment to God and each other, while also marking the launch into the next phase of movement in the journey.

The meeting climaxed with the viewing of the first part of the message by Dr  Noel Woodroffe to the entire Congress on Transitioning into Sanctuary. This defined the larger current context and revealed the relevant posture for the saints. The emphasis on the search for understanding of the command to build a sanctuary in preparation for Ingathering, reflected the childlike heart and diligent inquiry that is expected of all at this point in time. The required response to be alert, taste the air, be mindful of the first steps, make no assumptions and track carefully with God, provided the definitive parameters for life in the movement forward.

Member of community giving feedback

The message was a crisp direction on how to journey forward but at the same time a sober warning on the paths not to take especially with the comparison of David and Saul. The Senior Elder put it very well in observing that it was a loaded message that required all to go back, re-listen and deeply consider, in order to be exact on the speaking of God at both the individual and corporate levels.


The much anticipated time of sharing gifts among the brethren followed and it uniquely symbolized the building of relationship and valuing of each other as something to be preserved and enhanced. The cutting and sharing of the 15th anniversary cake at the conclusion of the meeting fully affirmed the arrival of the new day. It is definitely a movement higher up into the purposes of God for the Congress, KLC and all the saints!


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