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Saffron Launch


Today marks yet another very significant and memorable day at Kingdom Life Centre Nairobi. Saffron Holdings is launching one of its very first household cleaning products and detergents into the Kenyan market.  A  huge milestone because we are witnessing the unfolding of the fulfillment of a prophetic word spoken to KLC by Oronde Smith in 2015 who is a director of GIS and a member of Elijah Center, where he said that KLC will be “A House of Joseph”, a “Distribution Center .” A place of distribution of the resources of God handed down to us for the furtherance of God’s purposes.  Seeing this happening right before our eyes is a very exciting moment! Praise be to God!

Heeding to the call by the Senior Elder Pastor Aggrey Ayiro to come to witness, support and participate in the launch, 43 members arrived early in the morning full of expectation of what lay ahead.

We started with beautiful worship, followed by a brief into the journey of the project by Dennis Ndalo who is a member of the Saffron team. He explained that the Journey has been long and full of battles where a lot of courage and faith was required. The team has had to fight Babylonian systems, refusing to bow down to it’s demands. They have paid heavily for refusing to conform to the standards of the world but God’s grace has been sufficient.

The SE then took us through the day’s teaching, reminding us that today marks one of the memorable days in the journey of KLC. He reminded us that we are engaging with Babylon head-on and for that the spiritual battle and temperatures have been heightened and thus the need to be strong and continue to soldier on for there is no turning back. In all this, God is at the center of it all and is our strength.

The SE shared on the Importance of maintaining genuine relationships like what transpired between John Muyela and Mr. Viraj. He shared on pursuant of community good over self, importance of character development and God’s abundant grace. He went on to mention the importance of a life of sacrifice, sonship, collaboration, maintaining testimony of our faith and the Importance of pursuing due diligence as opposed to working on trust alone.

He emphasized that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a prophetic word spoken over KLC.

He further shared on principles like Interfacing with Babylon to see beyond activity, movement from bondage of poverty and limitation to a place of understanding, fulfillment, breakthrough, provision and abundance. He shared on the importance of the continuation of spiritual warfare for this is part of our lifestyle, availability of abundant grace and the Lord being our Banner as we   allow Him to coordinate all our strategies as we engage in various initiatives.

He pointed on obedience and flexibility to God despite our past experiences of victory, accurate hearing, seeing the beauty of the land from an elevated sight position and not the immediate surroundings. Focusing on community good as opposed to personal benefit and having faith that God will lead us at every stage.

We are therefore engaged in a spiritual journey, spoken by God over us and there is a demand for our full participation while tapping fully from God no matter the challenges we face.

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